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February 21, 2008 3:59 AM

Howard Meant To Not Dunk The Ball

After the NBA Slam Dunk Competition I wrote about how Howard's "Superman Dunk" was in fact, not a dunk. Well, in an interview with HoopsWorld Howard responded to those that had the same feeling I did:

See, the thing is, for people who never dunked before, you don't have to touch the rim to dunk the ball. People were saying that it wasn't a dunk because I didn't touch the rim – you know, a lot of dunks I do during the season I don't ever touch the rim, it's just the fact that I put it in. And I wanted it to have the effect that it's impossible what I did, so that's why I threw it in like that.

I never said you had to touch the rim for it to be considered a dunk, but you can't throw it in the way Howard did. It would be one thing if he had been a foot above the rim when he threw it in, but he was a couple feet shy of the rim and HAD to throw it in. He could not have dunked it from where he took off.

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