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February 12, 2008 4:55 AM

Is There Anything More Entertaining Than NBA Prank Wars?

No matter if you are the first pick in the NBA Draft and the face of the franchise, to the undrafted rookie, it seems all rookies at some point or another are subject to some form of hazing and the Atlanta Hawks rookies are no exception.

The first blow was struck by the veterans, who deposited 14 large bags of popcorn into the cars of unsuspecting rookies Acie Law IV and Mario West during practice Monday - rookie center Al Horford was out of the country tending to a personal matter and did not attend practice.

Hawks center Lorenzen Wright, who engineered the sneak attack, said that he felt the rookies needed a little reminder of just where they sit on the food chain.

"Acie hasn't danced in the middle of our [pregame] huddle all year," said a smiling Wright. "He hasn't done anything right all year. Mario, we just gave him a little tune-up, a warning. He's starting to hang around Acie and pick up some of his bad habits.

"It's on now," Law said through clenched teeth said. "They all better watch their backs because this ain't over."


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