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February 25, 2008 1:41 PM

Oregon's New Uniforms Inspired By "The Drizzle"

Apparently Oregon decided it would be a good idea wear black on black uniforms the other day.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Irrelevant

Well, they are not the first to think that black-on-black is a good idea. I wonder if someone in charge at Oregon is a fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, as this idea is clearly taken from none other than "The Drizzle".

Frylock: Shake, the printer called and said that The Drizzle's stationary and business cards are ready. But they're concerned what with the paper being black and the ink being black.
Shake: Everything must be black, like the Storm of Justice!
Just because it's a good idea, doesn't mean it's a Drizzle good idea.

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