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February 17, 2008 3:21 PM

Players Should Actually DUNK In The DUNK Contest


Everyone is going nuts over this "Superman dunk", but Howard didn't even dunk the ball!

Impressive, sure, but he was about two feet short of dunking that ball and on the telecast people were saying he was so high that he had to throw it in. But, if you watch it, he's too FAR to dunk it. He had no choice but to throw it in. I give him props for getting the crowd going with the Superman costume, but this dunk is quickly becoming the most overrated "dunk" in history. I think his "Set & Spike Dunk" and "Behind the Backboard Dunk" were both more impressive.

Howard deserved to win the competition, but, despite what Kenny Smith says, the "Superman Dunk" is nowhere near one of the top five dunks of all-time.

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