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February 1, 2008 9:00 AM

RCS Favorites: Super Bowl Performance

The Super Bowl (please don't sue us, NFL) is now less than a week just two days away, so up until Sunday, four of us here at RCS will be offering up some of our favorite memories involving the Big Game. So far, we've looked at our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials, Favorite Plays and Favorite Snacks. Today: our Favorite Super Bowl Performances:

Robbie: Super Bowl XXIX - Steve Young.

I remember watching that game and just getting bored, because the 49ers trounced the Chargers. Young threw a 44-yard touchdown pass to Jerry Rice just 1 minute and 24 seconds into the game. On the next possession, he hit Ricky Watters for a 51-yard touchdown. Young ended up setting a Super Bowl record with six touchdown passes.

Side note - He's also a great commentator. More Steve Young and less Emmitt Smith please.

Jeff: My favorite Super Bowl performance comes from the first Super Bowl I remember watching, Super Bowl XXII, and no surprise, it comes from a Redskin. Coming into the Super Bowl almost no one in the country knew who Timmy Smith was - once it was over, everyone knew his name. Smith rushed for a Super Bowl record 204 yards and two a rookie. He averaged an astounding 9.3 yards per carry! Smiths rushing total in the regular season? 126 yards.

After the game was over, Smith slipped back into the unknown, never having much of an NFL career beyond that one game. His next time in the news was in 2005 when he got arrested for trying to sell cocaine to an undercover cop. He still holds the rushing record for yards in a Super Bowl.

Ryan: I think if I were just a little older, I'd pick Phil Simms from Super Bowl XXI, because completing 22 of 25 passes is sorta ridiculous. He added three touchdowns, just for good measure, as he lead the Giants to a 39-20 win. But, I was only four years old, so I don't really "remember" that. I actually thought about picking Rich Gannon, too, from Super Bowl XXXVII, because I gotta thinking throwing five interceptions is one game is darn tough - especially when three of them are returned for touchdowns.

But, what kind of obnoxious Patriots fan would I be if I didn't pick Tom Brady? In Super Bowl XXXVIII (the one against the Panthers: started boring before the two teams scored 37 points in the 4th quarter). In leading his team to the 32-29 win, Brady threw for 354 yards and three TDs, setting a Super Bowl record with 32 completions in the process. And, of course, he put the Pats in position for the game-winning field goal.

Dave: It was 2001, and the first half of Super Bowl XXXV was in the books. Ray Lewis and the Baltimore D was, to no one's surprise, dominating a completely outmatched Giants offense, holding them to just 152 total yards for the game. The MVP voters recognized that Lewis was the heart and soul of the best defensive team in recent memory, one that continued its reign over the NFL for several years to come. So why didn't Ray Lewis have the most memorable performance that year? ....


Because Britney and Justin were together on stage at halftime, that's why! Yes, Aerosmith rocked Tampa with a Pop Star infused version of 'Walk This Way,' complete with N' Sync dancing, Nelly rapping and Britney Spears being completely overpowered vocally by Steven Tyler. They don't make half time shows like this anymore; you know, with young people. A couple years later, Nipple Gate ruined half time performances for everyone under the age of 67. Its a shame, too - with a Hannah Montana versus The Jonas Brothers halftime show, why would we even need the actual game?

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