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February 19, 2008 2:30 PM

Syracuse Had A Worse Storming Of The Court Than Georgetown Game


I've been a fan of Syracuse since I was born. Both my parents went there, my sister went there, and I went there. I was there in 2003 when they won the National Championship. Syracuse fans have gotten some flack recently after storming the court after beating the eighth-ranked Georgetown Hoyas. Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog points out just what was wrong with the Syracuse storming:

Georgetown isn't even a Top 5 national team to the fact that the Hoyas are now a fairly non-remarkable 4-3 on the road in the Big East to the fact that the Orange is now 17-9. All those being the case, how a court storm seemed even among the post-game possibilities is beyond me.

Of course Syracuse should not have stormed the court. Sure, a win over Georgetown is always big (no matter how ridiculously overrated they are), but Orange fans should show some restraint. That being said, I have to admit I was part of the most ridiculous storming(s) of the court ever.

It was 2003, or as Cuse fans like to call it, "The year Carmelo played." We had already rushed the court once after beating 11th ranked Missouri. We shouldn't have even stormed the court that game. But, then second-ranked Pittsburgh came to the Dome in an epic match-up. Tied at 65, Gerry McNamara drove to the lane, was doubled and put up a shot, and missed, but Jeremy McNeil was there to tip it in. The crowd went nuts and many people stormed onto the floor to celebrate. I'm proud to say I was not one of them. There was obviously still about one second left on the clock and Pitt was going to have another chance. The crowd had to head back to their seats. Pitt inbounded the ball and Brandin Knight put up a 3/4 length court shot and sunk it! The crowd rushed the court yet again. This time I was part of the masses. I had seen the shot and knew it was after the clock had expired, But, the officials weren't so sure and the crowd yet again had to go back to their seats. After they ruled it was no good, we rushed the court again. And that's the story of the only time in history (I can only imagine) fans have rushed the court three times in one game.

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