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March 14, 2008 4:15 PM

Dougie's Going Deep

Yesterday, the Red Sox released Doug Mirabelli. The guy never had the best numbers, but he was a good back-up catcher, was actually able to handle the knuckleball and was a great "team guy." I know that last one is a terrible cliche, but Curt Schilling thought so, too, as he said in his blog today:

In the 20 years since I was first called up to the big leagues I’ve played with exactly 2 players who’s presence in the clubhouse carried onto the field. Darren Daulton in Philadelphia, and Doug Mirabelli here in Boston.

With Mirabelli now looking for a job (at least until Kevin Cash allows three passed balls in one inning and the Sox make a snap-decision trade to get him back...again), I was reminded of the way he used to spend his time with the Sox, amazingly detailed by the site, Dougie's Goin' Deep Tonight.
9:25 Shaves and leaves his goatee.
9:30 Takes 35 vicious cuts with his bat naked in front of the mirror, screams out loud "DOUGIE'S GOING DEEP TONIGHT!"
9:45 Puts on his cowboy boots and tight jeans and tank-top and gets ready to leave.
9:50 Grunts at his wife and kids and tells them he'll see them tomorrow.
9:57 Pulls onto Rt-1 with Led Zeppelin blaring, cuts three people off, gives the finger to all three people.
10:15 Pulls into Fenway Park, tells clubhouse parking attendant to make sure he blocks Nomar in.

You'll be missed, Doug. Ya know, until like May, when you're back on the Red Sox.

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