RCS Sidelines

March 26, 2008 8:00 AM

Hey, How's That Pool Going?

Good question. Let's take a look. After the first two rounds, "N. VandenHeuvel," and his "Official" entry, is in first place, with 490 total points (and for those hoping to catch him/her/it, V-Heuvel also has 1040 possible points remaining, tops in the pool). But something tells me that they're regretting that whole Tennessee-as-the-National-Champion pick right now.

And just because it's fun (and, I'm mean), let's peek at who is in last place. Ah, poor "B. LaBrie" and her "Brit Brat" bracket (say that three times fast). Having George Mason in your Final Four this year was not a good idea, as it turned out.

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