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March 17, 2008 4:30 PM

Ingenious Marketing Campaigns For NBA MVP

The Hornets have a unique marketing campaign for Chris Paul for MVP.

Yes, they're getting children to do their work for them. And if kids WERE able to vote for MVP, I think Hannah Montana would be receiving the award. But, this made me wonder what other teams will be doing to publicize their MVP candidates. Let's take a look:

Kobe Bryant

Bryant has always been known for his tenaciousness and ability to strike the death blow in the fourth quarter. So, the Lakers will be sending out the deadly black mamba, which is one of Kobe's nicknames, to all the voters.

Tracy McGrady

The Rockets will be sending a headshot of McGrady that says, "T-Mac might have a lazy eye, but he's anything but lazy on the court".

Kevin Garnett

The Celtics will be sending a "highlight" reel of Stephon Marbury this season with a note that says, "Garnett was able to make THAT guy look good."

LeBron James

The Cavs are probably taking the most unique approach. They will actually be sending players on the Cavs to the voters DURING Cavs games to show that LeBron is better off without this group of mediocre (at best) players.

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