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March 14, 2008 12:45 PM

Madison, James Madison


If you've ever heard of JMU, and you didn't go there yourself or know someone who did, you probably only know about it because of the legend of its rather attractive female population; I went there: it is no myth (there was often talk about the ladies there getting ranked in Playboy, but I've never actually seen that confirmed. Although, JMU was ranked 25th in Playboy's Top Party Schools in 2002).

Lately though, JMU is beginning to actually produce notable alumni. They've taken over the sports world: Gary Clark, Charles Haley and Scott Norwood ("wide right!"). Even the translator for Yao Ming was a Duke Dog.

Then, they left their footprint on the entertainment industry: two of the guys from the Dave Matthews Band (Leroi Moore, the saxophonist, and Butch Taylor, the keyboardist) are both from the 'Burg, along with Phil Vassar. And let's not forget a couple local (to DC) celebrities: Wizards play-by-play man Steve Buckhantz ("Dagggggger!!!") and Lindsay Czarniak.

And now, apparently, JMU grads are set to take over the world of sports blogs. Two of the guys on this site, including myself, are JMU alums (alumnus? alumnae?). So is Jamie Mottram, the so-called "Godfather of Sports Blogging," and Awful Announcing, the guy who posts like 90% of all sports videos you see.

Now you can add The Big Lead to that list. After years of anonymity, the author finally revealed his true identity yesterday. His name is Jason McIntyre, and it turns out, he graduated from James Madison, too.

Here come the Dukes. Consider yourself warned.

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