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March 4, 2008 3:38 AM

Notes From The Road

As it was pointed out by one of my co-workers, I'm driving cross-country. Started on Long Island on Saturday morning and if all goes well, I'll be arriving in Los Angeles tomorrow night. What was not mentioned is I'm driving cross-country with my mom. Many people would never embark on something as dangerous as a road trip with their mom, but most people also wouldn't drive cross-country in four days.

So far, it's been going well. Of course, there has been the obligatory comments from my mom telling me to slow down or be really careful. But, I think the funniest interaction was when my mom asked me what "99 Problems And A Bitch Ain't One" was about. My response: Race relations?

But, since this is a sports website, I should mention something sport-related. So, here it goes...The NBA in Oklahoma City? Really? That place was tiny. But, the voters will vote today and we will soon see. But, with promotional videos like this:

How could it not fail? (Ed. note - Not actual promotional video. Some "fan" has too much time on their hands. But aren't those rotating words hypnotizing?

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