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March 7, 2008 9:20 AM

So, I Went to a Boxing Match the Other Day and a Hockey Game Broke Out

Yesterday, I mentioned I'd never be able to run in the Iditarod. You can add being a hockey player to the list of things I'd never want to do. Mainly, because I'd run the risk of having this happen to me.

Cote actually cut his knuckles when he missed Roy and landed a left on the glass instead, but stayed in game, probably just to get a shot at Round 2 (after the jump.)

(UPDATE: So, I'm dumb, and posted the same video twice. That's been corrected -- the second fight is now correctly posted after the jump.)

Yep, I'll stick with shooting jump-shots by myself at an elementary school court, thank you.

Thanks to The 700 Level for the videos.

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