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March 20, 2008 5:38 AM

Tournament Oddities

For those who aren't in the blogosphere (wow - actually using that word. I feel the NCAA Tournament brings about many posts. Most are breaking down the brackets, picking the cinderella's - just people putting in their two cents. But, then there are the other posts.

Let's take a look at what's out there:

One popular type of post is to have non-basketball related brackets. The folks at The Big Picture have their "Who Would You Do?" bracket. To the right is the #1 seed, Amanda from the Cavaliers dance team. Unsure if a 16 seed has ever beat a one seed in this tournament.

ESPN has a ton of interesting ideas for how to fill out your bracket from "If Your School Was a Beer" to "Inverse Graduation Rate". UNLV gets to re-live the glory days in the "Inverse Graduation Rate" bracket.

AOL Fanhouse tipped us off to the Bracket-O-Matic brought to you by Coke Zero. You can adjust the settings based on how important you think mascots are, coaching experience, senior leadership, seeding, and the ever-important east coast vs. west coast. Let the Bracket-O-Matic do your work for you.

The Dagger has put together their All-Tournament Players...if they were in adult films.

Sports Illustrated offers us a look at the Nerd-Off in which self-proclaimed nerds try to create computer programs to determine the outcome. I'm sure Vegas is paying attention.

The Best Week Ever gives the 10 most ridiculous mascots in the Tournament.

And we'll end on the most innappropriate one: This fun fact, isn't particularly fun...(TIP: Awful Announcing) (Ed. note - recognize that it was NOT a blog that wrote the "fun fact" but simply discovered it).

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