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April 24, 2008 4:08 PM

At Least The Wizards Are Having Fun

Dan Steinberg has given us amazing stories of the Wizards time and time again through his DC Sports Bog and I always assumed that every team is probably just as interesting, but they just don't have someone like Steinberg documenting their exploits. But, apparently this isn't the case with the Cavaliers:

This is why you couldn't pay me enough to have me switch my blogging focus from Washington to Cleveland. We all started out in the Cleveland locker room this morning, which had all the humor of Rust Belt decay. Then we gradually wandered our way to the fun side of the arena, and what did we see?

That's Caron Butler with his nickname "Tough Juice" inscribed in the back of his head. The Wizards are bringing back the 80's again. Nick Young will be sporting a fade as well.

But, this isn't the best story that has come out of this series since the last they played. There was a new development on the LeBron/Jay-Z and DeShawn/Soulja Boy feud. Turns out that after practice Stevenson was wearing a Jay-Z shirt. Stevenson said it was unintentional:

I just wore it [randomly]. "I don't want TNT saying I wore a LeBron-Jay-Z shirt. I just wore it, I swear.

Anyone buying this? But, again, this proves the Wizards are the most interesting team in the NBA. While LeBron might provide amazing highlights on the court, the Wizards provide the entertainment off the court. Here's hoping they can turn this into a series.

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