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April 29, 2008 11:00 PM

Buzz Bissinger Probably Isn't Reading This

I could be wrong, but after his performance tonight on "Bob Costas Now," I'd say it's a safe bet. On this particular episode, they took at look at how new sports media is constantly evolving, and how it is affecting the fans, players and sports in general. It focused on five different topics, each of which began with a produced video-clip, "followed by a different live panel of high-profile sports personalities, broadcasters, journalists and executives, who will join Costas for an in-depth discussion." Segment Two was titled: "The Internet and Impact of Bloggers." If you're a fan of blogs, it did not go well.

The panel was editor Will Leitch, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Buzz Bissinger and, for some reason still unknown, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards.

It began with Bissinger interrupting Leitch during the first question, to inform Leitch that he is "full of s***." It only got worse, as Bissinger continued to attack Leitch and was eventually joined by Costas and even Edwards. By the end, Leitch was stuck defending seemingly every blog ever, and even the commenters on those blogs. Bissinger put a bow on his rant that kinda made him seem like a crazy person with this:

"This guy, whether we like it or not, is the future," Bissinger said, jabbing his finger in Leitch's direction. "The future in the hands of guys like you is really going to dumb us down to a degree that I don't think we can recover from."

On the plus side, Ken Tremendous, in non-Moses Schrute form, got some good face-time on the video before hand.

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Update: Will Leitch has his reaction to the whole thing.

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