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April 9, 2008 4:07 AM

Links To The Past: ESPN Raises The Dead

This Cardinals fan has a good sense of humor (and I'm not referring to the ridiculous mohawk)...


Yep, that was Tony La Russa's intoxication level when he was arrested over this past offseason. (SportsByBrooks via JoeSportsFan)

The Mets got Rick Roll'd! The Mets put forth a vote to the fans to determine the Mets new 8th inning song. Despite not being on the ballot, Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" won. Since the vote was obviously influenced by Fark calling for people to write-in the Rick Astley tune, the Mets will leave it up to the fans IN THE STADIUM to determine the 8th inning song for the rest of the season.(Deadspin)

How has Greg Oden become one of the most popular players in the NBA without even stepping onto the court? Well, his fame continues. He now has a ballad written for him (AOL Fanhouse)

There actually were some reasonable seats to the Championship game. You could buy tickets for $275, if you wanted to look at a blue curtain...



The Big Picture takes a stab at what Chris Douglas-Roberts' tattoo says. (The Big Picture)

Rod Benson spent WAY too much time analyzing the elementary school game "Heads Up, Seven Up". What he didn't realize is if you win you gotta stand up, but if you lose you just get to sleep at your desk. (Ball Don't Lie)

Penn State is offering a course on Joe Paterno. DJ Gallo has a sneak peek at the first quiz. (ESPN)

This one is old, but pretty unbelievable. I know ESPN is powerful, but I didn't know they could raise the dead. (Awful Announcing)

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