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April 13, 2008 3:29 AM

Links To The Past: Itching For the NFL?

Jay Fiedler is playing professional beach volleyball. "Fiedler, winded at times after chasing down balls, said he was just hoping not to embarrass himself for Team Cuervo". Can you realy embarrass yourself with that team name? (Sun-Sentinel)

It APPEARS that PERHAPS Bryant Gumbel will not return to the booth for the NFL Network. If you were able to get the NFL Network and watch those games, you'd know how much Gumbel hates anything to be cut and dry. Sure loved using appears and perhaps a lot. (Awful Announcing)

Who ya got to be fired first - Isiah Thomas or the field? (Vegas Watch)

Speaking of Isiah, Tirico Suave has "gotten their hands on" Isiah Thomas's letter of explanation to Donnie Walsh (Tirico Suave)

Players that won't be featured in the NBA's "There Can Be Only One" ad campaign (Ball Don't Lie)

If like me, you can't grow your playoff beard - just buy one. Although, this looks like it will turn into an offseason beard for Baron. (Ball Don't Lie)

This Ohio license plate got past the censors (Duece Of Davenport)


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