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April 10, 2008 8:00 PM

NHL Playoff Preview: Captials vs. Flyers

Since I, nor most anyone I know follows hockey religiously I asked someone who does to take a look at the upcoming hockey playoffs. For this I turned to my roommate John, who not only follows hockey, but may be the only person alive who subscribes to the NHL Center Ice package.

#3 Washington Capitals vs. #6 Philadelphia Flyers
(Season Series – Flyers leads 2-1-1)

The Capitals have stormed into the playoffs, with probable Hart Trophy winner Alex Ovechkin establishing himself as the best player in the NHL. There isn’t a fan around that isn’t quietly (sometimes loudly) rooting for the Caps and their Russian phenom. Going 11-1 to end the season, they put themselves into a playoff position during the final weekend of the season. As good as this team looks; the Philadelphia Flyers could be one of the scariest teams to face in the first round. With 6 20-goal scorers (most in the league) and a load of veterans mixed in with talented youth, the Flyers can roll 4 lines with the best of them. Both teams have improved mightily since their last meeting, which Washington won 4-3. The Capitals picked up veteran Sergei Federov and goaltender Cristobal Huet at the deadline; while the Flyers got Joffrey Lupul and Mike Richards of the injured list. The reliance on 1 line, and most of the time 1 player, could hurt the Caps during a 7 game series against a team as deep as the Flyers.


Flyers in 6 games.

(Editors note: John DiDomenicis is a huge Flyers fan and as far as I'm a hockey fan, I am a Caps fan. This will most likely result in a lot of things being thrown at me until this series is over. Both insults and tangible objects.)

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