RCS Sidelines

April 22, 2008 2:00 PM

What To Watch: Tuesday

7pm ET - TNT - Mavericks @ Hornets - The Mavs will try and tire Chris Paul out by denying him the ball and making him run more on defense. Won't that just tire Jason Kidd out?

7pm - Versus - Flyers @ Capitals - Ovechkin scored two goals in their game six win over the Flyers. Can he lead his team into the second round?

9:30pm - TNT - Suns @ Spurs - What can these two possibly do for an encore? And over/under on flops I'd put around 10.

Non-sports pick - 8:30pm - NBC - SNL: The Best Of Chris Farley - Since there's an average of :30 seconds of funny things on SNL now, might as well turn to the past.


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