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May 28, 2008 1:16 AM

A New Southwest Wanna-Get-Away Commercial

The following exemplifies how DVRs can ruin friendships.

Of the five of us who edit RCS -- Robbie, Ryan, Dave, Jeff Briggs and me -- Robbie has put in by far the most hours to keep the site running smoothly. He is a sports nut, an LA resident, a Lakers fan and the NBA playoffs are his favorite time of year. I've known all these things about Robbie because we've been friends since the second grade. There are, however, some things that I didn't know about him -- some things, as I will explain, that I have only recently learned.

In all that time we've known each other, I don't have a single memory of him ever calling me "Jeff." Jeff Briggs has always been Jeff; I've always, for reasons beyond my comprehension, been called by my last name, Pyatt.

Well, that changed about an hour ago -- 12:08AM:

me: wow. how badly was brent barry fouled
Robbie: um...jeff
do you know I watch ALL games on delay?
Do you realize this?
do you?
me: no
Robbie: hmm
well, something to consider...
me: yes, it is
my deepest apologies
Robbie: bah

Robbie, I'm sorry I ruined Game 4 (but really, the refs beat me to that). Please forgive my intolerable actions.

Hug it out???


UPDATE: Ryan piles on...

Ryan: i just texted him
"i cant believe bruce willis was a ghost the whole time"

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