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May 8, 2008 7:56 AM

Chicago Sun-Times vs. Chicago Tribune

Mike Downey of the Chicago Tribune talks smack about the Chicago Sun-Times as if they compared him to Soulja Boy.

• Naked Dancers: Peep Show, $20 for 1/2 Hour" • X-Treme Body Massages with 'Hotties' " • Hot, Wild, Fun—Blonde or Brunette?"

— Ads that ran in Wednesday's sports section of the Chicago Sun-Times. Awwww, isn't it sweet of the Sun-Times to go to bat against Ozzie Guillen's bad language and the sexism of the White Sox?

Jerry Reinsdorf, Kenny Williams and the rest of the White Sox can rest assured the Sun-Times will continue to set a good example of the kind of decency and integrity that should be commonplace in public.

No doubt churches and schools will want to salute the Sun-Times every day for never running a dirty ad or a sexist image of a woman.

After all, the Sun-Times is looking out for women—the hotter the better—every single day.

Can you sense the sarcasm? I look forward to the Sun-Times response (for the sake of blogging can it please be Mariotti that responds??).

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