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May 14, 2008 3:45 PM

Florida State's Buster Posey Can Play Baseball All by Himself

Full disclosure: I'm a baseball fan. It's easily my favorite sport. Additionally, when I'm not writing here at RCS, I am a Sports Information Director for a college baseball team. So, I realize that others might find this story a bit "nerdy," but naturally, I thought it was awesome: FSU's junior catcher Buster Posey played nine positions in the Seminole's 10-0 victory over Savannah State.

For the record, there are only nine positions on a baseball field, and he played them all, including pitcher, where he struck out the two batters he faced.

Posey started the game at catcher and played every infield position from the second to the fifth inning. He made the move to first base in the second, played second base in the third, shifted over to shortstop in the fourth and completed the rotation playing third base in the fifth. The Leesburg, Ga., native made his first collegiate appearance in the outfield in the sixth as he started in left field to begin the inning and shifted over to center with two outs. He the moved to the mound in the seventh and struck out both batters that he faced before moving to right field for the final out of the inning. Posey registered a putout in the field as he was on the receiving end of the first out of the second inning at first base.

As if that wasn't enough, he was also hit 1-for-3 with a grand slam. And this was all in just seven innings, with the game being called due to the mercy rule.

For the record, there have been four players to accomplish the same feat in the majors: Bert Campaneris, César Tovar, Scott Sheldon and Shane Halter (according to Wikipedia, so, ya know, it just HAS to be true).

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