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May 12, 2008 2:00 PM

Hey, it's Charity Day on the Blogs

This is pretty cool: Orson Swindle from EDSBS and and Kevin Donahue over at FanBlogs have set up a competition of sorts, encouraging people to donate money to charities to help those in need:

Orson from EDSBS and I are asking you to show your school spirit and help those in need today by making a donation to the American Red Cross, CARE, or the International Rescue Committee.

In turn, we'll rank the total donation by school and display it this week at Fanblogs and Every Day Should Be Saturday. The winning school will have its colors displayed at EDSBS and logo/mascot shown on every page at Fanblogs.

You can get all the particulars over at Fanblogs, so if you can, go help out.

See, Buzz -- blogs aren't all evil.

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