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May 30, 2008 4:17 AM

"Leave Soriano Alone!" Says Wrigley Security

Heckling in the outfield at baseball games is as American as Wrigley Field. That's why when I read that security would be ejecting fans from the bleachers for heckling at Wrigley I was shocked. That's half the fun of sitting in the outfield. But, what's more bizarre is who the Wrigley fans have been heckling.

The Wrigley "faithful" have been heckling left fielder Alfonso Soriano. So, these Cubs fans haven't won a World Series in a hundred years and they choose to heckle one of their best offensive players? Sure, Soriano isn't the best defender, but he's not awful. He has committed just one error and has a fielding percentage of .985. I think you can put up with that since he's been one of the hottest players in baseball this month. He's batting .343, has 9 homers and 29 RBI's this month. Oh yeah, and the Cubs currently have the best record in baseball.

While I think it's absurd that security is cracking down on heckling, it's even more ridiculous that Cubs' fans are heckling one of their teams best players.

The person the ban will hurt the most is Alfonso Soriano. If he is sensitive to heckling, can you imagine what he will hear on the road when fans learn he is being protected at Wrigley from heckling. It will be worse than an outfield consisting of Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, and Milton Bradley.


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