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May 13, 2008 3:36 PM

LeBron Might Not Be Racking Up Points, But He's Racking Up Nicknames

LeBron James has had a handful of nicknames; The King, The Chosen One, Bron-Bron (thanks for that one Stuart Scott), but this post-season he has added a pair of nicknames that aren't so flattering.

First, Papa John's dubbed him "Crybaby" in the series against the Wizards (over/under on the amount of times LeBron checks his mouth for blood in a game to not find any - 4).

Now, you can add Mama's Boy to that list of nicknames. On the day after Mother's Day, LeBron was wrapped up by Paul Pierce and his momentum carried him into the seats at the baseline where LeBron's mom happened to be sitting. LeBron's mom came to his defense and was somewhat held back by Kevin Garnett. LeBron fired back at his mom, "Sit your a** down!" In honor of LeBron's lovely sentiments to his mother, Ball Don't Lie made a beautiful Mother's Day card for next year.

I guess when you will have topped $200 million by age 25 and can dunk like this, you have earned the right to talk back to your mom.

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