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May 15, 2008 5:15 PM

Let's All Take a Nerdy Video-Game Timeout

The release of Madden is becoming a bigger and bigger every year -- the release date is now unofficially known as a "Maddenoliday" -- no it's no surprise that when four minutes of actual gameplay from Madden '09 is released, it's a big deal (apparently).

The video is courtesy of MJD at Shutdown Corner, and he provides his opinions:
Two things I love:

1) That the camera adjusts to keep all the receivers in frame at all times. I'm tired of throwing out patterns that require me to guess.

2) One of the endzone dances they incorporated was Soula Boy's Crank That Superman thing. That's cutting edge, right there.

Hmm...I sense sarcasm in the his second point. But I agree with number one: too many times I've thrown an out, only to learn as the screen pans over that, "HEY! There's a linebacker out there!"

OK, enough gaming talk. Back to like, real sports and stuff.

Madden '09 footage, with Randy Moss Supermanning dat (lady) - Shutdown Corner

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