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May 1, 2008 4:45 AM

Links To The Past: McShay Proves It's Never Too Early For Mock Drafts!

The so-called experts of mock drafts aren't so good at predicting the draft. Mel Kiper got just 7 of the 31 first round picks correct. But, it is important to note that there were a record number of trades this year. (Cold Hard Football Facts)

But, that won't stop Todd McShay from releasing his 2009 NFL Mock Draft. The Falcons are hypothetically on the clock. (NCAA Gridiron Gab)

Speaking of the NFL Draft, Mel Kiper Jr has his team-by-team draft grades. Apparently, every team is just about average...just like last year. (Fire Joe Morgan)

I thought Larry Brown's life was all about basketball. Apparently, he hasn't followed the team he is about to coach nor did he pay attention to college basketball from 2003-2006 because he doesn't know who Adam Morrison is. (We Are The Postmen)

DeShawn Stevenson is acting like a villain in the WWE. He's doing everything he can think of to outrage the Cleveland fans. (DC Sports Bog)

There hasn't been much innovation in baseball hats...until now! (Deadspin)

Place your bets on what type of trouble Pacman Jones will get into next. (Shutdown Corner)

The Mariners are increasing fan interactivity through the Nintendo DS. Yeah, ordering food and watching videos is cool, but I'm waiting for when we get to vote on the next pitch. (Big League Stew)

Chad Johnson is unhappy in Cincinnati. Maybe he would be more comfortable on TBS. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

Yardbarker has been home to many great blogging athletes. They have hosted blogs by Greg Oden, Baron Davis, Marshawn Lynch, and Donovan McNabb among others. But, I don't know about their latest addition. (Yardbarker)

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