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May 5, 2008 5:39 AM

Links To The Past: "Milk was a bad choice!"

The Nats have a tough schedule ahead. In between home stints playing the Phillies then the Brewers, they have to travel to what I can only believe is a neutral site to play Indiana Jones. For the Nationals to have any chance they better load up at the pet store. (Awful Announcing)

Photoshop magic. (We Are The Postmen via Bunch)

Julius Jones calls the atmosphere in Seattle 10 times better than in Dallas. And yes, Seattle does travel to Dallas this year - week 13. (AOL Fanhouse)

Chris Cooley is becoming the Gilbert Arenas of football blogging. Here he simply answers questions from fans. Number nine is particularly disturbing. (Chris Cooley)

Speaking of Gilbert - he says he's done blogging. (DC Sports Bog)

Josh Howard recently admitted that he smokes pot in the off-season. Place your bets on who will be the next NBA star to admit smoking pot. (Ball Don't Lie)

Even the Lakers team chants "MVP" for Kobe as Kobe proves once again he is a true team player. (TrueHoop)

Marvin Williams, of the Altanta Hawks, is given a new nickname from the folks at AOL Fanhouse. Please welcome Milk Williams.

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