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May 15, 2008 2:45 AM

Links To The Past: WNBA - Catch the Excitement!

How Texas Rangers manager, Ron Washington's job was saved by his birthday. (Dallas Morning News).

I bet this isn't how Matt Leinart thought he'd get on Jeopardy. (AOL Fanhouse)

Before you do that cross-country trip in which you visit every major league ballpark - you might wanna check this out. Looks like there are a few places where you should be packing your lunch. And I take offense to them listing the Angels as Los Angeles. They're not located in LA! (

Maybe in your trip you can stop off in Boston to see the Sox lose their 80,000th game. (Big League Stew)

Sure, Kevin "Big Ticket" Garnett and LeBron "The King" James are cool nicknames. But, how bout Robbie "Barkeep" Gillies?? Alright, not that great, but check out what your nickname would be with the NBA's nickname generator. (Ball Don't Lie)

Steve Schuman, a WNBA assistant coach on the Sacramento Monarchs, can't hold back his excitement for the upcoming WNBA season! (Sports Hernia)


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