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May 20, 2008 1:00 PM

Peja Is Not A Game 7 Guy

Peja Stojakovic’s game last night was eerily similar to his last performance against a defending champion in a game seven. Last night against the Spurs, he shot an abysmal 3-11 (including 1-5 from three) and scored all of 7 points. He also had a horrible airball and just looked off his game all night. I immediately thought of the last time I was cheering for Peja to make big shots in the playoffs, and that was in 2002 against the then defending champion Lakers. How’d Peja do? He went 3-12 (0-6 from three) and scored 8 points. I also remember a huge airball in the clutch that game.

"Don't Give Me The Ball In Game 7"

For good measure, throw in a game 7 against the Timberwolves in 2004 where Peja went 3-12 (although 2-4 from three) and scored 8 points.

Peja’s best game 7 performance was in 2003 against the Mavericks where he went 7-20 (2-4 from three) and scored 24.

In 4 game 7s, Peja is 16-55, or 29% from the field, averages 11.75 ppg, and his teams are 0-4.

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