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May 30, 2008 12:29 AM

Sasha Vujacic Gives Another Reason To Hate Him (Or Possibly Love Him)

The Lakers beat the Spurs 100-92 and win the series 4-1 to advance to the NBA Championships. Kobe Bryant scored 39 points and dominated in the second half, but it was Sasha Vujacic who hit the shot that will infuriate Spurs fans and many others:

Hey, what can he say, The Machine doesn't comprehend class and tact. But, while Finley, Spurs fans, and pretty much everyone with a sense of sportsmanship will be upset with Sasha's shot, there's a group of people who are loving Vujacic right now. No, not the people of Slovenia for representing them in the NBA. The people happy with Vujacic are the gamblers who bet on the Lakers. Yes, Awful Announcing points out that the spread was 7.5 and that three gave the Lakers an 8-point win. It's a good thing this was the last game of the series or Vujacic would be getting a hard foul next game.

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