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May 14, 2008 4:08 AM

So You're Sayin There's A Chance!

Right after the NFL Draft is the time when almost all NFL fans are excited. Even if you're cheering for the Miami Dolphins or the Atlanta Falcons, you have a glimmer of hope. Every team has a chance and every fan hangs on to that slim chance.

As a Bills fan I've had my share of heartache and recently year after year of disappointment. But, this year they have a young core and they addressed their two biggest issues in the Draft. With the 11th overall pick they drafted CB Leodis McKelvin and with their second round pick they drafted 6'6 WR James Hardy. James Hardy is the big receiver they need opposite the speedy Lee Evans.


The Bills might finally be climbing their way out of offensive ineptitude. Everything's coming out Milhouse...and then I read this:

Buffalo Bills rookie wide receiver James Hardy allegedly pulled a gun on his father during an argument last Sunday, according to the Fort Wayne (Ind.) Journal Gazette, which based its report on a police report filed last Sunday.

Are you kidding me?? You were just drafted? What do you think you're doing? Welp, there goes the season! That duel threat of Evans and Hardy will never happen. He's going to be arrested and suspended and Roger "The Hammer" Goodell is gonna come down hard on him. But, wait, what's this?

No charges have been filed and police told the paper they have no plans to pursue the matter any further. Hardy, the Bills' second-round draft pick, received a permit to carry a firearm last year, the paper said.

(on phone) Yes, I'd like to place $3,000 on the Bills winning the Super Bowl.

Hope springs eternal.

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