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May 19, 2008 1:00 AM

The Preakness Looks Fun (Be Proud, Baltimore)

On Saturday, Big Brown galloped his way to victory at the Preakness Stakes, and completed 66.6666667% of the Triple Crown. If you watched it on TV, you probably saw a lot of what can be described as "well-to-do" folks -- fancy ties, nice suits, big hats -- those people have some money and carry themselves accordingly.

Then, there is the opposite of that. There is a reason that NBC doesn't focus too many of their cameras on the infield at Pimlico, as Dan Steinberg discovered yet again (and lived to tell about it):

Near as anyone could tell, today's game of beer-can volleyball broke out when someone flung a brew from on top of an outhouse. That, the surrounding masses realized, looked like jolly good fun. And soon the sky filled with silver-and-foam, the silver signifying surprisingly heavy vessels of lite beer, the foam showing that this lite beer anxiously wished to come out and join the party.

Six, seven, eight cans were volleyed back and forth simultaneously, some being consumed after their fleshy landings, others taking flight again. Some infielders shielded their heads with Styrofoam coolers.
"I always love watching the fights," one bystander mused philosophically, as two shirtless fellows went careening into the row of porta-potties.

Truly, a sport of gentlemen.

Naturally (unfortunately?), there is video of the mayhem:

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