RCS Sidelines

May 8, 2008 1:30 PM

What To Watch: Thursday

7pm ET - ESPN - Cavaliers @ Celtics - We are all witness to LeBron's whining...LeBron's response: "People think I'm diving,. Maybe I need to get my eye poked out for people to know I'm getting hit." Nah, my suggestion is blood capsules in that mouth guard of yours. We are all witness.

7:30pm - Versus - Western Conference Finals: Stars @ Red Wings - From the AP:

Detroit's Chris Osgood and Dallas' Marty Turco rank first and second, respectively, in goals-against average and their save percentages are the third- and fourth-best in the playoffs.

Translation: Boring, unless you're a true hockey fan.

9:30pm - ESPN - Hornets @ Spurs - Jackie MacMullen says a series doesn't start until the home team loses. Is ANYONE rooting for the Spurs in this series?

8pm - AMC - Planet Of The Apes - One of the best reveals in movie history:


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