RCS Sidelines

May 29, 2008 1:30 PM

What To Watch: Thursday

9pm - TNT - Spurs @ Lakers - The Lakers have a chance to close out the series at home in game five. Thank you Joey Crawford! But, in all actuality, the Lakers should have had the game put away had the officials not missed Derek Fisher's shot on the previous possession grazing the rim.

Non-sports pick - 9pm - ABC - Lost - This is not only the two-hour season finale, but marks the end of good scripted television until next season. Hope you like Last Comic Standing and The Biggest Loser!

For those that watch Lost, tonight we are supposed to find out who was in the coffin at the end of Season 3, as well as how they are going to "move the island." Not to mention, that entire rescue freighter is still wired with C4. Somebody is going to die tonight, should be exciting.

Also, Robbie's not quite right about the end of scripted television until Fall -- you can get some summer programming from unexpected sources like Showtime, USA, and FX to name a few. Also, anyone who watches the playoffs game tonight will be fully aware that new episodes of The Closer and Saving Grace are coming to TNT.

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