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June 18, 2008 1:30 AM

A Good Time To Remember 19-0

It's been a solid sports year for me and other DC-area fans. The Redskins, Wizards and Capitals all exceeded expectations during their seasons and made strong showings in the playoffs. The Nationals opened a new stadium. And after ten abysmal years, the Orioles finally cleared their payroll and now have a solid young core of pitchers and hitters.

These accomplishments, however, clearly pale in comparison to those of the 2007-08 Boston sports franchises. And last night we were reminded of that once again.

Congratulations to the Boston Celtics and their loyal fans including our own Ryan Hudson. Enjoy your first NBA title in 22 years. Your team's play has earned you the right to be proud and joyous.

Nonetheless, we can't help but to repeatedly point out the irony that your most dominant '07-08 team didn't win the championship. (It was such a shame.) And thus, I feel compelled -- mostly because your pride and joy will eventually become unbearably annoying -- to wear the shirt below until either the Red Sox fall out of first in the AL East or until Paul Pierce admits he was faking it.


No, no. I'm not bitter.

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