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June 20, 2008 9:00 PM

It's The Weekend - How Bout A Beer...Post

We all know baseball is boring and so when most people go to the game they make it a little more interesting with a few brewskies. Well, the price of beer at major league ballparks can vary dramatically. CNBC's Darren Rovell shows the top five most expensive and least expensive ballparks for beer.

So that's why Boston's fan base travels so well to other stadiums (or it could be because it's impossible to get tickets to Fenway). Rovell believes the high prices of beer are a good thing because they keep people from getting out of control. Yes, but less beer means less hilarious stadium hi-jinx.

But, the most interesting part is the mention that the Sioux City Canaries their own version of Happy Hour. From 5-6pm beers are...are you ready for this??

You sure you're ready?


You want to know what's more amazing? They don't even get that great of a turnout since beers are only $1 once you get inside the stadium. So, think of that while you're out at a bar paying $6 a beer.

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