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June 19, 2008 6:00 PM

Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr., And WHO???

David Tyree will forever go down in history for this one single catch that led to the Giants Super Bowl Victory and the defeat of the until-then perfect New England Patriots.

That catch was his meal ticket for the rest of his life. He can walk into any restaurant in New York City and I'm sure someone would be more than happy to treat him to a meal. But, what three people would David Tyree want to eat a meal with? Dennis Dillon of Sporting News asked him this very question and his response was, well, interesting.

1. Jesus Christ

Alright, Jesus Christ. Good pick. Especially since David Tyree is very religious. In the interview Dillon says he keeps, "A wooden cross made in Jerusalem and a Jesus coffee cup that he uses to drink tea." So, Jesus makes perfect sense. Who wouldn't want to have the Son of God over for supper?

2. Martin Luther King Jr.

Another great pick. An amazing speaker and one of the most important people of the 20th century. I'm sure his stories of struggles and quest for equality would be unbelievable and would go well past dinner and into after dinner drinks.

Man, Tyree is 2 for 2. He has made two unbelievable choices. Who's next? Einstein? JFK? Lincoln? Washington? Maybe he'll go philosophical with someone like Plato or Sartre. And the third choice is:

3. Chris Tucker

Yep, Johnny Booze from House Party 3.

I'm sure both Jesus and MLK would love to hear Tucker's routine on how he hates going to hot churches. Can I get an amen? No?

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