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June 20, 2008 2:30 PM

Live Blog: Euro 2008, Croatia v. Turkey

Hello everyone, and welcome back for another quarterfinal match. Today, it's Croatia taking on Turkey.

Croatia was the surprise winner of Group B after winning all three matches, over Austria, Germany and Poland. Turkey dropped their opening match to Portugal, then downed Switzerland and finished group play with an amazing comeback-win against the Czech Republic.

The winner of this match moves on to face Germany, who edged Portugal, 3-2, yesterday, in the semifinals.

5:38pm - OK, catch your breath everyone. Turkey will face Germany next, assuming they can field 11 players -- injuries and yellow cards have torn apart the Turkish team. Tomorrow is Netherlands and Russia. Enjoy it. Have a great weekend everyone. Check out Video Log later for videos of today's action.
5:31pm - Just an amazing win for Turkey. It was their third come-from-behind win for them in this tournament - no other team had one.

5:28pm - Croatia has to score here to keep the shootout going...AND IT'S A SAVE MADE BY RUSTU!! Turkey wins!!! Another amazing comeback win for Turkey! They move on to face Germany! Unbelievable.

5:28pm - Turkey scores again!!! They lead 3-1 after three rounds! It's all but over.

5:27pm - The Croatians miss again!!! Wide-left!

5:26pm - Turkey is 2-for-2 in their kicks. It's 2-1, Turkey, after two rounds.

5:26pm - Croatia levels it, 1-1, with their second kick.

5:25pm - Turkey scores! They lead, 1-0, after the first round of PK's!

5:24pm - And the shootout has begun...Croatia misses wide-right on their first kick! Horrible start.

5:19pm - Absolutely unbelievable!

5:17pm - GOAL!!! You've got to be kidding me!!! In extra time of the second overtime period, in the 122nd minute to be exact, Turkey has just tied the game! Those last two minutes completely made up for the first 119 minutes of scoreless action! Semih Sentürk with the blast from just inside the box! It's 1-1 and we're headed to a shootout!

5:15pm - GOAL!!! It took nearly 120 minutes of soccer, but Croatia has just taken the 1-0 lead! Rustu was caught well out of position and Croatia's Ivan Klasnic was able to head it into the back of the net! It looks grim for Turkey!

5:14pm - Chance on a corner there for Turkey, but again it's headed away.

5:12pm - Wasted chance there for the Turks, as a free-kick goes bending out of play, untouched.

5:07pm - It's been 111 minutes, and still no scoring to be had in this match.

4:59pm - That's the end of the first 15 minutes of extra play, still 0-0. Turkey was the better performer in that first block of extra-time. The teams will now switch sides and play another 15-minutes. A shootout seems likely

4:54pm - Good shot by Turkey's Sentürk, but his blast sails just over the crossbar.

4:47pm - Underway now in the first extra-time. This all bodes well for Germany in the next round, as Croatia and Turkey can run around and tire themselves out.

4:41pm - And that's the whistle in regular time. We're now set for free soccer!

4:36p - And yet ANOTHER free-kick for Croatia, and ANOTHER diving stop by Rustu. It's been an exciting last few minutes, but, now in the 93rd minute, it look like we're headed for extra time.

4:35pm - Another free kick there for Croatia, and another near goal!

4:28pm - WOW! Croatia's Darijo Srna took the kick and bent it onto the net, but a diving Rustu made a great save to keep it scoreless.

4:27pm - Stupid foul there by Turkey. Free-kick coming for Croatia in the 84th minute.

4:24pm - This is the type of game that Americans can probably point to as to why they don't like soccer -- no scoring, a not a whole lot of chances, either. Less than 10 minutes left now.

4:08pm - In the 64th minute now, still 0-0. Bored? Watch this video then.

4:04pm - Eventually, Croatia has to score, right? They just made another good run...

3:55pm - Close call there for Turkey...again. Croatia headed the ball over the keeper, and it bounced along the goal line for 3-4 hops before a Turkish defender finally cleared it.

3:53pm - Back underway here in the match between Croatia and Turkey. They just showed the "Fan Mile," in downtown Vienna, Austria -- there's an estimated 80,000 fans out there just to take in the action.

3:35pm - Halftime now. Sorry for the lack of updates, in the middle of a conference call now (see, bloggers are important, too!) Anyways, still 0-0 here in this match as we head into the half.

3:25pm - A blast there for Turkey, but it sailed just wide right. Very nearly a 1-0 lead for the Turkish team there.

3:18pm - The Croatian coach looks like he smokes a lot, and spend a lot of time at the disco-tech.

3:11pm - Another good attack there by Croatia, as they're beginning to control the play.

3:05pm - A GREAT opportunity for Croatia! An excellent centering-pass found Olic, but his sliding kick went hard off the bottom of the crossbar. The rebound was headed wide -- Turkey was lukcy to escape that attack.

2:59pm - Rough take-down there by the Croatian defender. Free-kick coming for Turkey from right outside the box...ouch. That was a rocket of a kick, and it found Croatia's Kovac right in the gut.

2:55pm - In the 9th minute now, and so far, a pretty slow beginning.

2:48pm - And we're underway -- a lot on the line here today: the loser goes home, the winner faces pre-tournament favorite Germany.

2:43pm - Hi there everyone. We're just minutes away from the opening kick. Turkey is the big underdog in this one (+380, or, nearly 4-to-1 odds). National anthems have just begun.

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