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June 12, 2008 11:50 AM

Live Blog: Euro 2008, Day 6

Another day, another two games from Euro 2008. Today, it's Group B. The first match is Croatia v. Germany, followed by Austria v. Poland. If you're stuck at work and away from a TV, check back here for some updates and (hopefully) videos of the goals (assuming we get some) as the day goes on. First up is Croatia and Germany.

5:14pm - Thanks for hanging out today. See you back here tomorrow for Group C: Italy v. Romania and the big one, France v. Netherlands.

5:12pm - Here's the video of the PK. Sorry for the delay.

4:42pm - This tie means that Croatia has officially clinched Group B.

4:40pm - That's it. Austria held off a last second attack from Poland for the 1-1 draw. An absolutely unbelievable ending, for both sides. Poland cannot be happy with that call -- seemed like ordinary pushing and shoving in the box. The draw keeps both teams alive, albeit barely, in Euro 2008. Video coming.

4:37pm - GOAL! Austria's Ivica Vastic, the oldest player in Euro 2008 at 38, took his time and blasted the PK into the top left-corner of the net, to draw the match even at one. Unbelievable.

4:36pm - WHOA. Foul in the box, against Poland! PK coming for Austria in the 93 minute. High drama.

4:35pm - Officially in extra time now...

4:29pm - Huge free kick for Poland, blasted on net, but Macho lived up to his name again, and punched it away. Less than five minutes before extra time. Not looking good for Austria.

4:15pm - Less than 20 minutes left in regular play now, and Austria is getting desperate for a leveler. Their keeper, Jürgen Macho has done his part to keep them in the match.

4:05pm - Remember how Austria had lots of chances in the first half? Well, not so much here in the second-45. Poland been controlling the match as they look to add to their one-goal advantage.

3:41pm - Poland leads at the half, 1-0. Here's video of the goal:

3:31pm - Just announced, one-minute of extra time here in the first half.

3:15pm - GOAL! Of course, not by Austria. Another missed chance by them leads to a goal for Poland. Saganowski's low shot from the right is pushed in from four yards out by Roger to give Poland the 1-0 lead in the 32nd minute. Video to come...

3:15pm - Another good opportunity for Austria in the box, and another flubbed chance. So far, a story of could-have-been's for Austria.

3:13pm - I love it when the soccer announcers are forced to promote the upcoming NBA Finals. Hearing "Lakers versus the Celtics in Game 4 tonight, on ABC," in an Irish accent, is very enjoyable.

3:11pm - It doesn't say much for Poland that Austria should be leading 2-0 in this match. It's in the 26th minute, and the home-team Austrians are dominating thus far.

3:10pm - As promised, video of Zewlakow's rather unfortunate defensive stop:

3:01pm - Ouch. Poland's Zewlakow just blocked a blast with um, his "man area." Video on its way.

2:57pm - Wow. Austria's Harnic with a great opportunity, but he pushes it wide right. I don't think he'll have another shot at a wide open goal this game.

2:49pm - According to Mike Cardillo over at Deadspin, this match "might be the most unappealing game left in the tournament. Neither team is likely going to advance, but they still want to have at least a win to show for themselves." Great. But, he also says, "things could get pretty 1980s NHL-style chippy between Austria’s Emanuel Pogatetz (arguably the worst/least skilled player at the tournament) and an unlucky Polish defender." So that's promising.

2:44pm - Hello all, and welcome back. Next up, we have Austria and Poland, two teams who are looking not only for their first win, but also their first goal of Euro 2008. Both team are desperate for a win today, as falling 0-2 in their group will all but end their run at Euro 2008. The National Anthems are done and we're ready to go.

1:53pm - Big win today for Croatia. Two wins in two games has them in the lead in Group B.

1:50pm - And that's it. Croatia has defeated Germany, 2-1.

1:48pm - Just get very ugly for the Germans. Schweinsteiger just received a red card for pushing down a Croatian player. Lehmann also received a yellow for "speaking his mind." That means a suspension for Schweinsteiger -- that could really hurt the Germans going forward.

1:47pm - Officially in extra time now (they announced three minutes of it). Croatia just nearly put the game completely out of reach with their third goal.

1:44pm - Just a little more than two minutes left in regular time, and Germany is still looking for the equalizer.

1:43pm - Video of Germany's goal by Podolski, his third score of Euro 2008 already:

1:40pm - That goal has sparked new life in the Germans. They playing with energy not seen until now.

1:35pm - GOAL! It's not over yet. Germany's Podolski just one-timed a loose-ball headed out to him, and blasted it with his left back into the back of the net in the 79th minute. Germany's within one goal now.
1:35pm - Here's video of Croatia's second goal:

1:32pm - Germany is making some long runs, trying to get back into this match, but so far, it's all in vain. We're in the 77th minute now, and Germany still needs two goals to for a draw.

1:22pm - Schweinsteiger just checked-in for Germany. Might be too late at this point though. And just then, foul on Germany. Free kick coming for Croatia.

1:18pm - GOAL! "Is that the end of the German challenge tonight??" Croatia just made it 2-0 in the 63rd minute, seemingly putting the game out of reach for the Germans. Olic gathered a deflection off the right post and drilled into what was basically an open net, as Lehmann remained sprawled on the field, helpless.

1:17pm - Germany is really beginning to look frustrated out there. They just can't seem to get a good scoring opportunity, and things are starting to get chippy.

1:02pm - And we're back underway here in for the second half. And not a moment too soon -- Chris Berman had just taken over as lead anchor on ESPN's US Open coverage. It took him about 30 seconds before he made a football joke.

12:47pm - We've reached the half. Croatia leads 1-0 after the first 45 minutes.

12:42pm - Point-blank save by Lehmann, Germany's keeper. That should be 2-0, Croatia. Great stop by Lehmann.

12:40pm - As I was posting the video, Germany JUST missed scoring the leveler, as a header off a corner sailed just over the crossbar.

12:39pm - Video of Croatia's goal in the 23rd minute:

12:33pm - Germany's Ballack just a rifled a free kick on net, but Croatia's keeper Pletikosa was able to deflect it away. Working on video of Croatia's goal...

12:23pm - GOAL! It was "A shock to the German system." Croatia's Pranjic sent a perfect cross from the left side into Sma Srna, who sliced the ball off his right foot past the German keeper. Croatia leads, 1-0.

12:12pm - Free kick for Croatia, sent into the box, but headed away harmlessly. Germany counters, but is turned away.

12:09pm - We're just a little more than nine minutes into this game, and Germany has controlled the action so far. Croatia has been on the defense nearly the whole match.

11:58am - Just finished the National Anthems of both countries and we're about to get under way here.

Preview (from Deadspin): Croatia will need to show a little more zest than it did against Austria three days ago, even so they might not have enough to slow down the focused Germans.

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