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June 25, 2008 1:45 PM

Make Way for ESPN's Late Night Show

Move over, Conan, Jimmy and that weird Scottish guy.

Just when SportsCenter is becoming watchable again (really, it is), and just when you thought it was safe to watch the World Wide Leader late at night, ESPN has announced that it wants to "build out a new late-night presence on ESPN2."
From the same network that brought you Tilt and Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith comes ESPN Timeline.

The network has no format as of yet, but foresees a multi-person chatfest about the latest in sports. ESPN execs envision a panel of personalities, ranging from ESPN anchors to possibly a comedian well-versed in the sports world—along the lines of Frank Caliendo of Fox Sports and TBS.

Using Frank Caliendo, after he's already had regular appearances on competing networks, screams: "We're tragically un-hip and not sure what 'funny' is, but they tell us this guy does a great Al Pacino and John Madden." Unfortunately, the hilarity does not end there. After Timeline has established itself, "ESPN would like to add a more comedic-slanted show to follow it. A sports version of The Daily Show has been discussed."

Here's hoping that Chris Berman is kept far, far away from this project.

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