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June 3, 2008 2:00 PM

Manny's 500th, From the Stands

Back in January, I purchased tickets for Saturday night's Red Sox game in Baltimore, as a gift to my dad for his birthday. Along with my brother and sister, we were four of literally about 35,000 Sox fans that invaded the Inner Harbor, which happens every time Boston plays there (there's a reason Camden Yards is known as "South Fenway").

Well, it just so happened that we were lucky enough to be at Manny's 500th home run game (you won't believe me, but when Chad Bradford was warming up on the mound, I just knew that Manny was going to hit it right then and there).

Fortunately, I was filming this at-bat (thank to my brother for reminding me that I should probably take a video with my camera, as opposed to just snapping stills as I had been in the three previous Manny attempts). Keep in mind as you watch the video below that it was technically a road game for the Red Sox.

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