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June 18, 2008 11:30 AM

Maybe Tiger Won't Break Jack Nicklaus' Record After All

Over the weekend, and into Monday, we watched as Tiger Woods limped around Torrey Pines, often using a club as a cane, as he gutted his way to a 91-hole U.S. Open win against Rocco Mediate. It is quickly being considered one of the greatest golfing performances ever, but it may have done more damage to Tiger then we first realized.

According to sources, Tiger Woods has made a decision to go ahead with season-ending knee surgery.

He experienced a small stress fracture in his left leg about two weeks before the U.S. Open, which was causing him the pain, and ultimately the doctors feel that he needs ACL surgery and rest to get him back to 100%.

Could fighting to beat the 158th ranked player in the world have seriously affected Tiger's career?

(H/T: AOL Fanhouse)

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