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June 13, 2008 4:00 AM

Mike Breen Questions Van Gundy's Taste In Movies

One of the sponsors of tonight's NBA Finals game was the movie Hancock. So, of course the star of the movie, Will Smith was interviewed during the game. Jeff Van Gundy does his best to plug the movie and pump up Will Smith, but Mike Breen is having none of that.

Van Gundy: Celtics need some Hancock type energy. Breen: Nice transition Van Gundy: Now Hitch...was a great movie. Kevin James, if there's anyone funnier than Kevin James, I want names! Breen: These superlatives you put on these average movies. Van Gundy: What are you...! Mark Jackson: No, Hitch was an outstanding movie

Nice work Mike Breen. Way to call out Van Gundy on his awful taste in movies. And Kevin James being the funniest person in the world? Wow. Where do I begin? There are at least 50 people funnier than Kevin James. It's statements like that that make me question everything Van Gundy says.

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