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June 11, 2008 7:23 AM

Note To Waiters: Get In Touch With Blogs

Just over a month ago the Cleveland Scene reported that LeBron James dropped around $800 at a steakhouse and left a measly $10 tip. Yeah, that's right, about a 1% tip as opposed to the typical 15-20%. Obviously, when news like this comes out the blogs are all over it. Deadspin among many others picked up the story. Well, apparently it was all just one big misunderstanding. A representative for LeBron said he left the "appropriate tip", but the server misread it. Really? If I were waiting on anyone who spent 800 bucks and I thought they tipped me $10, you better believe I would be looking at every ink drop on that bill. I would be showing it to the other waiters, the manager, anyone to confirm my eyes were not deceiving me. You're telling me this person misread the bill? Seems ridiculous to me. Seems like a case of quality control by LeBron. The manager of the steakhouse released a statement confirming the misunderstanding, but that's just the manager trying to keep a customer that drops $800 happy. You think he's really going to call out LeBron James?

Since the incident, LeBron has stepped up and left even more on top of the "very generous tip" he supposedly left the first time around. Sounds like LeBron just avoided a bunch of bad publicity. Seems to me that any waiter that gets snubbed by a famous person should turn to the powers of bloggers to get what they deserve for their hard work.

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