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June 2, 2008 4:26 PM

Sex & The City Is The Super Bowl For Women

If you're infuriated over all the talk about the Sex & The City movie, that's probably how many women feel when men and television go on and on about the Super Bowl. I recently went to The Grove In Los Angeles (an outdoor mall) and they had booths set up for women to get their make-up done like the Sex & The City characters. Because, hey, gotta support the movie...

A blog called The Legend of Cecilio Guante does a nice job showing just how similar the two events are.

But, what I was waiting for were the Craigslist posts. When the Patriots were at home for the playoffs there were ads from women looking for romantic encounters while their men attended the ballgame. I'm sure the same happened for the Super Bowl. Now, maybe those same men can get even.

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