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June 12, 2008 12:30 PM

VP Searching, One Two-On-Two Game At A Time

There have been rumors that NBA Hall-of-Famer and former NJ Senator/2000 Presidential Candidate Bill Bradley is on the short list for Obama's veep pick. It's hard to tell what kind of running mate Bill Bradley would make or even if he would accept an offer. (He has already publicly said he would not.)

But the possibility does lead us to a couple questions. First, who, if anyone, in the political world would be able to beat this duo in a two-on-two pickup game? And second, in the one-on-one battle of the Ivy League elites, would Michelle Obama (Princeton '85) stay loyal to husband (Columbia '83) or -- perhaps in response to Barack adorning a "Puck Frinceton" t-shirt -- stay loyal to her alma mater and cheer for Bradley (Princeton '65)? Tough call.


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