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June 24, 2008 7:00 PM

Who's More Insane: Clinton Portis OR Chris Bosh?

On the NFL Network (check out the video in the upper right), Clinton Portis revealed four more new alter egos. There's Bud Foxx - the Ultimate Fighter, Dr. Do Itch Big - the Dentist, Electra - the Enviornmentalist, and Prime Minister Yah Mon. You can go and vote for your favorite character and they will appear at an upcoming Redskins press conference. What did Jim Zorn get himself into?

Then there's Chris Bosh. He doesn't have quite as many characters, but his characters talk to each other.

I think I gotta go with Chris Bosh on this one. It's one thing to play dress-up and change your accents, but it's a whole other thing to then produce videos that require some actual work. Congratulations, Chris Bosh! Not only were you named to Team USA but you were also named crazier than Clinton Portis.

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