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July 24, 2008 1:30 PM

Argos Are Not Happy With The Bills

The Bills will be playing eight games in Toronto over the next five years and some players on the CFL Toronto Argonauts aren't pleased. On the TSN show "Off The Record," four Argo players discussed their feelings about the issue.

There has been much speculation that the Bills playing a few games in Toronto will lead to their eventual move north of the border. This would obviously impact the Argonauts and the entire CFL, since Toronto is their biggest market. Some CFL players have a big problem with that:

''I definitely hate the idea of Buffalo coming up here. I really dislike it," said defensive end Jonathan Brown. "I mean, they're stepping on our turf. This is our turf - this is the CFL. They definitely have no business coming up here.''
Really? Jonathan Brown is saying that? This guy attended Tennessee, was drafted in the third round by the Packers, has played for NFL Europe and the Arena Football League before landing in Toronto in 2004. He isn't exactly Doug Flutie.

Just because you couldn't cut it, doesn't mean you should be angry when the NFL steps on "your turf." What are you going to say next, that going to the CFL was a choice?

(H/T: ProFootballTalk)

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