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July 31, 2008 11:00 AM

Bill Parcells Has Done His Homework

Ricky Williams has looked like the best player for the Dolphins this offseason (yeah, not saying much). Obviously the Dolphins want to keep him happy and productive, and it looks like Bill Parcells has done his research. The Miami Herald reports:

Off the field, Parcells has mentored Ricky Williams. ''Every day, we have a brief conversation,'' Williams said. "He's very good at trying to make sure I don't get discouraged and keeping me motivated. He gives me [inspirational] stories when he thinks I need a little push. I always knew I would love to play for a guy like that.''

This doesn’t sound like the Bill Parcells we’re used to. This isn’t the Bill Parcells that referred to Terry Glenn as “she” or who referred to Terrell Owens as simply, “The Player”. But, Parcells knows what he’s doing. Reporting on an interview with Williams, Kirk Bohls of The Austin-Statesman wrote:

Had the Dolphins then-head coach Dave Wannstedt gotten closer to Williams, he said the coach might have been able to talk him out of a sabbatical that took him to Samoa, Fiji and Australia, where he lived in a military barracks for a week and then in a tent.

"I called him to say I didn't think I wanted to play any more. I had to say it three times," Williams said. "He told me he had to sleep on it. We talked the next morning, and he said if he had a son, he would tell him to play. He didn't do a good job. If he had tried to connect with me, it might have made a difference."

Looks like Parcells is learning to relate to his players (or has simply done his research).

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